Welcome to The Scar Clinic - complete and comprehensive scar treatment.
A harmonious blend of science, function and aesthetics.
The Scar Clinic is an Australian clinic dedicated solely to the treatment of scars. We offer a complete and comprehensive service that covers a wide spectrum of treatment methods, all tailored to you, your skin and your scar. We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense, honest consultations and research-based treatments.

Our unique approach brings you on a journey through your scar treatment, evolving and adjusting the treatment methods to suit the changing needs of your scar. Through our approach we aim to restore comfort, revive confidence and provide relief, whether your scar is simple or complex.

Our goal is to provide the highest functional and aesthetic results possible.
Dr. Eldon Mah is the founder of and principal surgeon at The Scar Clinic. He is a fully qualified and Australian trained specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
Eldon’s many years of exposure to a broad range of reconstructive challenges has allowed him to develop a unique multi-modal, tailored approach to scar management, incorporating his surgical background with laser and other treatments, all supported by ongoing clinical research. His vision was to create a welcoming and friendly space that provided treatment for scars of all types for all purposes. 

This approach is finally brought to life at The Scar Clinic - a harmonious blend of science, function and aesthetics.