The Scar Clinic is Australia’s only clinic dedicated solely to the treatment of scars. We offer a complete and comprehensive service that covers a wide spectrum of treatment methods, all tailored to you, your skin and your scar.

At Scar Clinic we recognise that scarring is not just how it may look, but the significant effect a scar can have on day-to-day functioning and tasks, as well as psychological impact.

While there is no way to completely remove a scar, our aim at Scar Clinic is to provide complete scar management to help provide relief, restore function and renew confidence.

Our approach to the treatment of scars is based in science, but most importantly, our treatment revolves around you. Just as we are all unique, so too are scars and the way in which they are treated.

The Scar Clinic is not a beauty salon. You are in the safe hands of our trained nurses and highly experienced plastic surgeon who will ensure you understand every step of your treatment and feel safe and welcome. 

A referral is required from your GP or other medical specialist to book an appointment at 
The Scar Clinic.


Dr. Eldon Mah is the founder of and principal surgeon at The Scar Clinic. He is a fully qualified and Australian trained specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Eldon has held both public and private appointments at a major tertiary hospital in Melbourne and has had further formal training internationally. With over 10 years’ experience in reconstructive surgery, Eldon has worked extensively with patients who have scarring after cancer, radiotherapy or other traumas. Eldon is currently sharing his own research and expansive knowledge of reconstructive surgery in several scientific papers.

Friendly, warm and soft-spoken, Eldon thrives under pressure, and he enjoys problem solving. He is extremely passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through his work, and believes authenticity and integrity win the day over vague promises and a quick fix.

Eldon is regularly requested to speak and present at major industry conferences around the globe. 

He is a member of:
 - RACS: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
 - ASPS: Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
 - WSRM: World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
 - APFSRM: Asia Pacific Federation of Reconstructive Microsurgery
 - APSSM: Asia Pacific Society for Scar Medicine